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Restorative Circles

“No one enters violence for the first time by committing it.”

Benefits of Restorative Circles

Restorative circles are practices with deep indigenous roots from around the world, particularly from American indigenous cultures. A restorative circle is a practice that builds and restores relationships through equal opportunity sharing and listening. Circles can be constructed around many different values, intentions, goals, and processes. 

Behind every harmful behavior is an unmet need. These harmful behaviors cause harm to ourselves and the people around us. RJIOK offers restorative circles as an alternative way of dealing with conflict and addressing harmful behaviors. 

A restorative circle is a practice that builds and restores relationships through equal opportunity sharing and listening.


Circles invite individuals to deeply listen to themselves. Circles are guided at an intentionally slow pace so you can sit with your inner thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences. Circles are the spaces that we have all been waiting for because they allow us to express our vulnerable stories in a safe space. 


Circles invite individuals to listen to connect. Oftentimes, individuals come into circles as strangers or only knowing surface level information about one another. When people leave the circle they know one another in a new and transformational way. More than anything, circles allow people to exist outside of the boxes that people put us in based upon our looks, identities, experiences, actions, or mistakes. We are all more than the worst thing we have ever done or the worst thing that has been done to us.


Circles proactively address harm and conflict. Sitting in a circle to address harm and conflict acknowledges that every person has a part in why harm happens. This approach removes shame and blame from conflict management and allows individuals to take ownership of their role in a harm. As participants take ownership of their part in a harm, they also have the opportunity to be a part of the healing and reconciliation.

Support & Accountability

Circles are the creative space to come up with plans to support people’s unmet needs and define clear boundaries to hold people accountable. When people are equally supported as they are held accountable, it creates the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physiological safety needed to flourish. This is the restorative approach to healing and transforming communities. 

Types of Restorative Circles

Community Connection Circle

Do you want to learn how to transform our community? Come experience what radically inclusive space feels like.  Community Connection Circles proactively build the skills needed when conflicts arise through the practice of respectful listening and healthy self-expression. Circles are the spaces that we have been waiting for.  Connection Circles meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, 5:30 p.m.

Support Circle

Do you have a loved one that is making decisions that don’t align with who they really are or may be leading them down a harmful path?  Support Circles offer guided support and accountability in a way that gets to the root of their unmet needs.

Conflict Circle

Are you in the midst of losing an important relationship because of a harm that has been done to one or both of you? Do you wish to hold someone accountable who you feel has wronged you without pressing charges or calling the police? Conflict Circles help address the root of harm, find ways of healing and how to prevent the behavior from repeating itself.

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