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Restorative Justice Organizational Development

At RJIOK, we believe that the workplace is not just a location, but a significant part of our lives.  The quality of this environment profoundly impacts our overall quality of life. That’s why we’re dedicated to making it better.

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Restorative Justice in the Workplace

Does your workplace need support in any of the following areas?

  • Addressing Harm in the Workplace
  • Creating a Trauma-Informed Workplace
  • Aligning Organizational Systems
  • Developing Relationships in the Workplace
  • Navigating Differences in the Workplace
  • Becoming a Transformative Workplace

Additional Development Opportunities

One-on-One Coaching

Being a leader at any level of the workplace can be difficult and often feels lonely. Our coaching model is designed to support leaders’ needs for continuous development and growth. We help them understand diverse challenges, remain in alignment with their values, and resist burnout.

Organizational Culture Consulting

Are you having trouble maintaining a strong culture that reflects your organization’s core values while growing and changing? Do you need new ideas to solve workplace problems and create a positive environment?

RJIOK provides consulting services that focus on empathetic listening and innovative solutions. Our approach helps organizations shift culture or solve workplace issues with customized strategies that align with your core values. Let us help you develop a thriving culture that supports your goals and helps your team succeed.

Transformative Strategy Sessions & Retreats

Are you leading an organization dedicated to making a positive impact in your community? Are you uncertain whether your current goals will truly drive the change you seek?

RJIOK offers tailored strategy sessions designed to empower nonprofits, coalitions, and businesses to set impactful goals that align with their mission. Our approach integrates a comprehensive understanding of systemic inequities, amplifies the voices and experiences of those most in need, and leverages your organization’s unique strengths and expertise to drive meaningful change.

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Donate to Support Healing and Connection through RJIOK

Help us build a more restorative society where empathy, forgiveness, and reconciliation guide us towards healing and connection.

Your donation to the Restorative Justice Institute of Oklahoma supports our efforts to equip individuals and organizations with healing-centered approaches to navigate conflict, repair harm, and cultivate social harmony. 

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