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Restorative Justice Leadership Training

RJIOK trains restorative justice leaders using a unique model that is trauma-informed, culturally competent, and helps leaders to heal and transform their internal systems and the external systems around them. 

We believe that restorative justice is not a tool or program, but a way of being and doing. That is why we need restorative leaders to help transform Oklahoma’s culture to become restorative and equitable.

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Restorative Justice Training Pipeline

RJIOK has created a pipeline to train restorative justice leaders who support healing and transformation in our state.

We want every person in Oklahoma to know a restorative justice facilitator in their neighborhoods, schools, churches, and groups, who they can go to in times of conflict.

In order to see this happen, we understand Oklahomans need a process to unlearn, learn, heal, and practice applying restorative justice in their everyday lives.

Become A Restorative Justice Leader

Level 1: Exploration Training

Exploration Training is the first step to becoming a restorative leader.

This course provides participants the opportunity to explore in-depth the restorative justice model and how it can be applied to disrupt and prevent conflicts. Our goal is for learners to understand the importance of restorative justice in reshaping and healing our communities.

Level 2: Foundation Training

Foundation Training is the next step toward becoming a restorative leader.

This training is an 9-session intensive cohort that explores the full restorative leadership model. This course teaches restorative leaders how to become effective facilitators by developing a foundational understanding of the self and the systems of which we are a part. This course also helps trainees develop confidence in leading restoratively in any situation.

Level 3: Activation Training

Activation Training involves real life practice facilitating circles with a feedback loop for improvement.

Restorative leaders who have completed Level 2 Foundation Training practice alongside certified RJIOK facilitators to host circles. They participate in monthly community connection circles to grow their skills and awareness. Level 3 participants will co-facilitate RJIOK training and have one-on-one coaching with RJIOK experts. Certification is awarded to restorative leaders once they have completed Level 3.

Level 4: Transformation Training

Level 4 of the training pipeline is still in the dreaming and fundraising phase. We imagine a fellowship of restorative leaders implementing transformative justice in the communities most impacted by systemic injustices to bring about change. 

Our goal is to provide additional training and opportunities for our graduates to use their passion to heal and transform communities that are impacted by incarceration, homelessness, juvenile justice, education, and so much more.

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