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Books We Recommend

"We want to do more than survive"
by Dr. Bettina Love

In this powerful book, Dr. Bettina Love advocates for a transformative approach to education that empowers marginalized students and challenges oppressive systems. She calls for abolitionist teaching that cultivates critical thinking, affirms students’ identities, and pursues educational freedom.

"Good Inside"
by Dr. Becky Kennedy

Dr. Becky Kennedy’s parenting guide offers an empathetic approach based on the principle that children are inherently good, even when struggling with challenging behaviors. She provides strategies for building strong parent-child connections and addressing common parenting issues.

"My Grandmother's Hands"
by Resmaa Menekam

Resmaa Menakem’s groundbreaking book explores the deep-rooted trauma embedded in our bodies, particularly within the context of race and racialized trauma. He offers a path towards personal and collective healing through the power of presence, breath, and touch.

"Are Prisons Obsolete"
by Dr. Angela Davis

Dr. Angela Davis makes a compelling case for prison abolition, arguing that the prison system perpetuates racist, sexist, and capitalist norms while failing to solve or deter crimes. She envisions a continuum of alternatives rooted in restorative justice and reconciliation.

"We do this 'till we free us"
by Mariame Kaba

In this collection of essays and interviews, Mariame Kaba reflects on the deep work of abolition and transformative political struggle, inviting readers to imagine a world without prisons, police, and surveillance. She offers practical strategies for abolitionist organizing and addressing harm.

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