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About Us

The Restorative Justice Institute of Oklahoma seeks to build a restorative and equitable culture in Oklahoma.

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RJIOK’s Five Areas of Focus

Our five areas of focus equip Oklahomans to live restoratively by aligning their values, behaviors, and systems through healing, training, and circles.

Training Restorative Leaders

We train restorative leaders to transform unjust systems and cultures in Oklahoma by first transforming themselves.

Healing & Transforming Communities

We equip restorative leaders to heal and transform communities through the use of restorative circles.

Supporting Restorative Educators

We support restorative educators to create learning environments that pivot away from a culture of punishment.

Engaging Organizations & Workplaces

We engage workplaces and organizations with restorative justice practices.

Advocating for Systemic Change

We are guided by our vision of a better Oklahoma as we advocate for systemic and structural change. 

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Our Team

Xavier Graves headshot

Xavier Graves

E. D.


Rev. Dr. Celeste Lebak headshot

Rev. Dr. Celeste Lebak

Founder & Chief Unlearning Officer


Kenitra Williams Headshot

Kenitra Williams

Operations Diva


J Branston headshot

J Branston

Champion of Restorative Education


Traci Gardner headshot

Traci Gardner

Nurturer Of Restorative Futures


Jazzy Bivar-Smith headshot

Jazzy Bivar-Smith

Visionary of Community Possibilities


Our Partners

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Help us build a more restorative society where empathy, forgiveness, and reconciliation guide us towards healing and connection.

Your donation to the Restorative Justice Institute of Oklahoma supports our efforts to equip individuals and organizations with healing-centered approaches to navigate conflict, repair harm, and cultivate social harmony. 

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