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Promoting Restorative Practices for Equity in Oklahoma

The Restorative Justice Institute of Oklahoma (RJIOK) is a pioneering leader in restorative justice in the state. 

Restorative justice is a communal approach to dealing with harm that focuses on relationships over rules. Rooted in Indigenous cultural practices around the world, restorative justice centers the person who has experienced the harm by prioritizing their needs and their healing.

RJIOK cultivates healthy schools, homes, and workplaces. Our work enhances communities and encourages connection through healing and authenticity.

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Learn About Restorative Justice

RJIOK is dedicated to fostering a restorative and equitable culture in Oklahoma by emphasizing relationships, healing, and community building over retaliation and rules.

Learn how Restorative Justice can create a more compassionate and inclusive future for our state.

What We Do

Organizational Development

At RJIOK, we believe that the workplace is not just a location, but a significant part of our lives.  The quality of this environment profoundly impacts our overall quality of life. 

We support organizations with the tools to listen deeply, create values-centered models of success, and uncover and find creative and sustainable solutions to the obstacles that they face.

This fosters collaboration and growth, creating thriving work environments.

Restorative Leadership

Creating a more restorative society requires restorative leaders who create change in our homes, schools, workplaces, and communities. 

At RJIOK, we equip people with the knowledge and skills to help build relationships, repair harm, and increase our understanding of each other.

Our unique leadership model is trauma informed, culturally responsive, and helps individuals heal and transform their internal and external systems.


Many of us are working hard to create safer and more just communities; yet, we hinder our own progress with status quo approaches to harm like punishment, retaliation, and exclusion.

RJIOK offers circles that break the status quo, by holding people accountable instead of punishing them for harmful behaviors. They give space for people to express their hurt and pain rather than retaliation. And they support relationship building over the exclusion of others.

Community Transformation

RJIOK advocates for systemic change in Oklahoma through transformative justice. We believe individuals don’t turn to violence without cause, and that punitive systems perpetuate cycles of harm.

RJIOK centers those affected by violence, using their experiences to identify root causes and foster transformation. We collaborate with partners to create restorative change that respects all stakeholders’ needs and values, driving innovation in advocacy for a better Oklahoma.

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“Our team of educators and support professionals strives each day to serve our students and families. We are most effective with strong partners, and the Restorative Justice Institute of Oklahoma is such a partner. With existing relationships in our school, the talented, skilled, and experienced team of RJIOK stepped in urgently and compassionately to support our team during a horrible crisis. Because we had that support, we were able to serve our students in a time of great need.”

Dr. Deborah Gist

Former Superintendent - Tulsa Public Schools

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I think the facilitation of the meeting was really awesome, and it was easy for me to see the people I was working with for who they were and what they cared about. The way we used time to truly connect with other people present was really valuable.

Anonymous Participant

Children of Incarcerated Parents Transformative Strategy Planning Session

Family & Children's Services Logo

The RJIOK facilitators created an incredibly safe and encouraging space for individuals to learn through their commitment to bringing authenticity, humility, and compassion to each training. The environment they foster allows people to be vulnerable and honest as they examine biases and cultural norms. I loved that the training culminated in each person applying all of the lessons learned to resolve a challenging conflict scenario relevant to our work. I am so grateful that our team went through the foundations course together to better understand how we can bring restorative justice principles into our work with families impacted by the criminal legal system.

Lucie Doll

Program Director- Parenting in Jail, Family and Children's Services

Tulsa Honor Academy Logo

I was apprehensive before we started working with RJIOK, but reluctantly trusted the process. Xavier and his team patiently listened to us, got to know us, and slowly took the time to build a trusting relationship such that we felt safe enough to dig into the challenges we’ve been facing as an organization. Their compassionate leadership is helping us define the way forward.

Kate Freudenheim

Chief Academic Officer - Tulsa Honor Academy


Our Partners

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Your donation to the Restorative Justice Institute of Oklahoma supports our efforts to equip individuals and organizations with healing-centered approaches to navigate conflict, repair harm, and cultivate social harmony. 

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